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January 19, 2014

It’s not every day that your best friends have a baby.

All babies are amazing but there is something about the first child of your special ones.

I loved that kid from before he was born.
I loved that kid from before he was conceived, simply because his parents mean so much to me.

I recently went and captured the family in all their love haze and tired fog.
Ahhhhhh, nothing quite like a newborn.


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The Nixons

April 2, 2013

I’ve known Wendy for about 9 months, so the whole time I’ve known her she’s been pregnant. It felt like the longest pregnancy ever, probably even more so for the gorgeous Wendy!

I was thrilled when Wendy asked me to come and photograph the latest addition to her family, Darcy. Little three-week old Darcy is so tiny and sweet, and his big sister, Chloe, is just crazy bonkers about him, as is the family pooch. Everyone just wants to be near him. Or on him.

I adore shooting families at this precious time, because I can feel a little piece of that newborn magic for the time I’m there….and then I get to go home with my nipples in tact and sleep more than three hours at a time. Win.

Wendy made having a newborn in the house look effortless, as she simply radiated love.

baby boy cardDSC_0377 DSC_0375 DSC_0374Darcy Nixon ear

Darcy's room

darcy and wendynewborn kissDarcy on Wendy's chest

Darcy's hand

Wendy and DarcyChris and Darcy Nixon

Wendy and Chloe

Wendy and Chloe

Wendy and Chloe

Chris and darcy

Chloe and darcy

newborn sleeping

Chris and Chloe Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.03.43 PMChris and ChloeChloe's feetThe Family Nixon

Wendy and darcy

Wendy and Darcy

Chris kiss

Wendy and darcychloe with hosechloe with the hoseFamily with dog

DogThe Nixon Family

If you would like me to come and photograph your family, or know someone who would love some lasting memories, drop me a line.

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February 17, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of capturing Marcus at three weeks old.
You forget so quickly how tiny babies are, and in the blink of an eye they’re big and robust, and that breath-taking vulnerability is gone.

I had a really difficult time choosing the images to give to Marcus’ family because I fell in love with them all. Newborns pull the funniest faces as they road test all of their facial muscles.

In case you haven’t guessed, Marcus is the result of the bump I shot before Christmas. He was born the very next day.

Talk about perfect timing.

If you missed the gorgeous images of Yasmin, check ‘em out here.

As before, I have to respect the family’s wishes of not showing too much of their beautiful baby as they’re not comfortable with images being on the net….. again, you’ll have to take my word that this kid is a keeper.

father and newborn sonnewborn footthree in the bedMarcus newborn earHand on newborn bummarcus snugglemarcus feet

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Patience in the Face of Homicidal Tendencies

May 26, 2012

Fatigue effects everybody in different ways. Some people get emotional, and some people get irrational. Some people become utter bitches and some people get homicidal…..and then there’s me. I become all of those things, wrapped up in a zombie with greasy hair and milk stains on my t-shirt. Ok, I don’t really have greasy hair, I’m on top of my personal hygiene, at least for this week. I was just exaggerating to paint the picture…….apparently I’m prone to this. I’m not exaggerating about the milk stains though. Can’t seem to get on top of that at the moment.

I seem to recall myself mentioning how well I was handling all the night time waking last week and I’d like to amend my statement. Although at the time of waking in the dead of night, I’m thrilled to see KiKi’s sweet, little, hungry face, I must admit to feeling a tad weary during the day with a patience wick in the negatives making me feel, at times, like everyone is out to piss me off and perhaps my head may explode leaving one more mess for me to clean up. Otherwise, I think I’m all over this two sproglet caper.

I’m managing mostly to be very patient with D Man, so if you were to do the math – who does that leave to bear the brunt of my wrath? Poor ol’ Mister H…..oh, and Mister Fluffy Pants (not a pseudonym, that’s actually my cat’s name). I think they’ve both felt the chill this week, and I don’t mean the change in the weather. I really don’t appreciate being woken up by being walked all over at 4.30am with whiskers tickling my nose when I’ve just managed to drift back off – Just in case it’s not clear, that would be the cat, not Mister H. Mister H values his testicles way more than to attempt even nasal tickling at this precarious stage of the game.

But I’ve been tired before, deathly tired, in fact, and I managed not to be cranky for the ENTIRE 11 months D Man didn’t sleep for….so why so irritable now?

I did a spot of soul searching and had a rather intense discussion with Mister H (read: teeny, little argument – really  read:………. you get the picture) and it came to me like a bolt of lightning. I realised I have a rather large dose of Fever of the Cabin. I need to get out!
It’s not that I haven’t left the house, because I’ve been for walks and stuff, but my routine has been seriously messed with. It would appear I’m a creature of habit, not the spontaneous, fabulous creature of my imagination, and my habits have been altered somewhat of late. Between my guests, and my husband at home, not to mention the obvious recent nipple monster shaped change in our lives, things have been a tad shaken up around the homestead…….so that’s IT!!!
I’ve decided that I own next week!

D Man and I are back on his social schedule and we’re getting busy as of Monday. I’m dusting off our Junior Jiving shoes, and we are stepping’ out. D Man doesn’t even like Junior Jivers most of the time, but we’re doing it, dammit! Hell, I may even bake some cookies, and wear a clean top, for playgroup.

I’m sure once I fool myself into a sense of normality, my usual peppy demeanour will return and I’ll be my charming self once more.

I hope so for Mister Fluffy Pants’ sake…..oh, and for Mister H’s (I love you, darling xx).

I love this picture of my darling holding my bambinos……he looks a little tired too. Needs to harden up, really.

Parenting, Ramblings of a Suburban Urbanite

Expansion of the Human Heart

May 12, 2012

One of my biggest fears when I fell pregnant for the second time was whether or not I would have enough love for more the one child. When you feel as though you love somebody more than life itself, how can you possibly multiply that? What if there physically wasn’t enough space in my chest (that’s where love lives, isn’t it? Not to be confused with ON my chest either which is in crazy E cup, fit to bust, glory right now) to fit more love? I was scared that perhaps I would have to share the existing love, as if measuring out ingredients to make two equal loaves, but how could you ever measure such massive quantities, or what kind of implement could ever properly measure such an intangible thing?

I had heard of women who loved their toddlers, of course, but when their new baby arrived they shunned their older child as they suddenly felt detached from them. They felt that, although the older child was previously their ‘baby’, they were now a big, cumbersome, boisterous creature that was getting in the way of bonding with the tiny newborn. Would this happen to me? COULD this ever happen to me? I’m crazy about my little buddy, D Man. We hang out and we do stuff together. Of course I get frustrated sometimes about the ‘Groundhog Day’ it can seem like I’m living, and sometimes D Man is not the most intellectually stimulating cat on the block, but surely, I would never shun him, my first born heart?

Or the other possible scenario is that I didn’t bond with my newborn, for whatever reason. Perhaps breastfeeding was difficult or I felt differently about the labour and I didn’t feel the same love that I felt with my first baby. When D Man was born I felt that my heart had suddenly been opened in a way that I would never have thought imaginable. My capacity for love, not just for my child, but for the entire world had grown exponentially with the placing of that little person in my arms. I suddenly saw a bigger picture that was not about me, or my personal happiness and I knew that from that day forward I would do whatever it took to protect and love this creature that was of my flesh. Would I be able to feel that again?

The answer, thankfully, is yes.

It’s not the same. The intensity of that first realisation of motherhood is lessened slightly the second time around, but it is because I cannot relive first moments, not because I feel less for my baby. It is sure to me now that your love does not halve, it doubles… some. A considerable sum of some, it appears. We, as humans, have the ability to keep growing love infinitely and people with 10+ children must need a wheelbarrow with which to carry their hearts.

Just as I was thinking these thoughts I came across this quote from Yasmin Le Bon in a magazine – ‘Discovering that with every child, your heart grows bigger and stronger – that there is no limit to how much or how many people you can love , even though at times you feel as though you could burst – you just love even more’.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Happy Mother’s Day, peeps.

Ramblings of a Suburban Urbanite

BYO Dancing Shoes

May 9, 2012

After spending my first proper night on the dance floor of the Newborn Disco, I can say with a fair amount of conviction that, yep, I had indeed forgotten – I mean, really FORGOTTEN. I do not recall ever having an evening like the last with D Man. In my rose coloured memories, D Man fell directly into a three hourly night time feeding routine which I thought was difficult to adjust to but at least, predictable. Last night was anything but predictable and served only to remind me how long one single passing the moon can actually be when you’re sitting in a house were everyone is sleeping, or at least pretending to, except you and your tiny, frustrating new person whom you really don’t understand yet.

Needless to say, I’m feeling decidedly wrung out today. It was a fairly fast and furious labour. Totally different from my last, but just as much fun was had by all. It’s not called labour for nothing, huh? I took my cramping tummy in for a scheduled midwife check-up, thinking I was still miles away from the good stuff, and ascertained I was indeed 4cms dilated. No wonder I felt like I was walking around with a bowling ball in my knickers. They suggested I didn’t go home as they feared I would not make it back in time. Luckily, THE BAG was in the car. I’ll spare you the details of the next few hours, but I must say my husband is amazing and my dear friend, L’il C, who was our support person, did an amazing job. Without them I would surely have hurled myself head-first from the first floor window of our birth suite, without bothering to open the window first…. I tried a few times but they pried my fingers from the window sill and talked me back into the shower.

I’m a ‘hospital is for sick people or people allowed morphine’ type of girl so as soon as we were both got checked out (and ascertained they wouldn’t give me any of the good gear) we came home so I could rest in my own bed with my family around me. Much nicer as my Mama is here and she was cooking dinner!

It’s lovely to have my Mum here, especially as she’s bought her hand written recipe book with her. There are recipes written in there by old friends from all around the world and many from my Nana, passed down from who knows where. It was funny as she was flicking through my recipe book and she noted that there were some of her recipes in there written in Nana’s handwriting. We all steal from each other, it’s seems. Over the next few weeks I’ll no doubt be stealing borrowing some of her foodie love to share with y’all….actually, I’ll probably just photograph what she’s made and claim it as my own. What are family for? More about her infamous recipe book later….back to me.

D Man meeting his sister for the first time was like watching National Geographic. (THINK ATTENBOROUGH) ‘How will the small members of the tribe react to each other?’ Well, I’m proud to announce that Ratty, D Man’s best, furry, friend kissed her straight away and then D Man reached over and tenderly ‘beep beeped’ her nose. Perhaps a little unorthodox in another family, but for us it’s a fair sign of acceptance if ever I’ve seen one. I must admit the she did bring him a highly coveted gift of a new scooter. How can you dislike someone bearing gifts?

The little lady is sleeping like the proverbial bambina now, I guess she’s plum tuckered out after her first night at the disco……she’ll no doubt sleep it off all day and do it all over again tonight. Can’t blame her much, that behaviour definitely comes from my side. She’ll settle down in her 30’s.

God, help us.