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Hold Them Close, Whilst Letting Them Go.

October 9, 2012

Nobody ever wants to imagine their child getting hurt, but the thing about life is that everyone needs to paddle their own canoe, and one day our kids will set sail without us.

Today, I’m writing for Lori over at Randon Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum (RRSAHM). If you don’t know Lori, she’s a beautiful writer and a hell of a woman.
After the tragic loss of her husband, she laid her soul bare on her journey back to being ok.

Lori is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime by going to Borneo to raise money for the Orang Utans.
I wish I was going, but my own monkeys are still too little.

I can remember the very first time my son, D Man, hurt himself on my watch. It was one of those split second, yet slow motion, affairs that consisted of him rolling off the bed at about 6 months old.
His fall was broken by an open cupboard door and he kind of rolled onto the floor without injury, but he got a fright and bawled, and I felt like the worst Mama ever.

He got over it in minutes, I was fine in a few hours and a glass of wine and the world kept turning. Now, barely a day goes by without some form of head injury, and for the most part they are nothing serious…..but when it is a bit more serious, and that silent scream prefaces the tears, in that instant, I know that I would take all of my child’s pain if I could and make them feel better.

I can remember my very first heart-break. I was about 11, and I’d been a rat-bag, scallywag and had been kissing Matthew Forsyth under water at the local pool, as you do. When Matthew told everybody and I was branded a scarlet woman, I was devastated.

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Dinner, Dinner, Food for Big People, Food for Little People

A tasty meal in ten minutes…..Green Vege Pesto revisited for Be A Fun Mum.

September 21, 2012

If you’ve been a Holsby-ite (as I affectionately refer to my posse) from the word dot, then you’ll remember my green vegetable and basil pesto, but if you’re one of the many who aren’t related to me to may have missed it.
I’ve had so many great responses from people about this recipe.
People with kids that don’t eat, have patted me on the back.
Difficult husbands have high fived me.

It’s actually made me a bit of a superstar in a really, really small circle…, in my head. Tiny, sure. Imaginary, perhaps….but there.

When my friend, Kelly, at Be A Fun Mum said she was looking for a quick, easy and delicious recipe for the whole family I knew exactly what the doctor ordered.

This little baby just does not get tired.

Does it have vegetables?         Check

Can you freeze it?                      Check

Is it super fast?                          Check

Will everyone love it?               Theoretically

Can you morph it into different meals for the entire family unit? Uh huh, indeedy. Yes siree, Bob….. You can.

My favourite kind of food is the kind that everyone in the house will eat with minimal fuss.  Most of the time, I don’t mind making a little dinner for my toddler and then cooking separately for us grown up type people, but then there are those days where time, and perhaps mojo,  is not on your side and you need a super quick option that leaves everyone happy.

This pesto is exactly that meal.

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If you’ve seen this recipe, do not despair, for in the next couple of days you shall have a strawberry frozen yoghurt recipe just in time to make the most of those cheap ass strawbs that are everywhere right now.

Have a beautiful day!


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The elephant in the bedroom…..are you Whoa or Woe?

September 11, 2012

So, it was really just a matter of time, wasn’t it? We all know I’m not shy, and hell, I figure this blog business is a cheap form of therapy so I thought I’d best address what’s going down out here in suburbia…..or not, as the case may be.

I popped over Blundermum in an effort to purge and yet still keep it a secret, but it seems I’ve got a chronically big mouth. If you haven’t checked Michelle out before, have a look around while you’re there as she has a unique take on life.

I’m going to talk about it today. You know, the elephant in the room.

I’m just going to go right ahead and blurt it – My sex life used to be all like ‘Whoa, Cowboy, leave your boots on and make like we’re in a rodeo’, but sadly, it has become more like ‘Woe is me, this is friggin’ pathetic’.

I used to hear people make jokes about sex after marriage and I always swore that would never be me.
I love sex.
Sex is fun.
It relieves stress, it gets the blood flowing and binds you to your partner so they’re much less irritating, plus it feels damn good.

So, why have I become the epitome of these jokes?

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