About me

Danielle Colley

I’m Danielle.

I’m a writer, a tv producer, a mother, a photographer, a dreamer and a lover of great food.

I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and I hope to share that with you. What I really love is eating, so cooking became a necessity for me and now it is part of my…..well, I’d like to say soul but it’s more like stomach.

My mother is one of my biggest cooking inspirations, in fact, she’s one of my biggest life inspirations. We’ll get to her another day.
My blog will alternate between food ideas and musings, so if you love one more than the other you never have too long to wait to be satisfied.

I find it very easy to laugh at life, and myself. Life is absurd, and if you don’t roll with it, you’re just go crazy pushing the proverbial uphill.

I love being a mother. Something happened the day my son was born and my capacity for love grew through the roof. I never realised your heart could exist outside your body, but it does.

It runs around making siren noises in the shape of a little man I call D Man.

Now, a couple of years later, I have two external hearts, the other a wee lass we call Kiki. She has her father’s dimples and I think they’ll get her into trouble one day, but right now they get her everywhere.

Without further ado, I welcome to you to the contents of my head…..and my pantry.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts. I’d love this to be an exchange and not purely voyeuristic on your behalf…..but if just you like to watch, please be my guest.

If you’d like to contact me you can catch me at danielle@rawbody.com.au